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Life Changing Videos

We have created a number of teaching videos to be used with our EPIC workbook series to help you understand and experience your identity and freedom in Christ.

The EPIC videos and workbooks are also perfect for use in your small group.  

As you work through these videos, it is critical to start with the EPIC Identity videos before moving to the EPIC Freedom videos.

Accepting and internalizing your true identity and inheritance in Christ is the foundation for full and long-lasting freedom from spiritual strongholds. After EPIC Freedom, use the EPIC Journey videos to guide you in an intimate prayer encounter with the Father, as a means of claiming the identity and freedom that are yours through Christ Jesus.


Please help us know who we are serving by filling out this information before you begin viewing the EPIC videos for the first time. We also would like to  keep you informed of upcoming events and new resources.

Live EPIC Identity & Freedom Messages

In this conference we covered the material that is found in our EPIC Identity & EPIC Freedom workbooks.  The links to purchase the workbooks are found below .

1. Epic Identity

You’re not a product of your past. You’re a product of the cross. EPIC Identity will help you destroy negative false identity equations and claim your inheritance in Christ. Jesus sees you in a whole new light. EPIC Identity helps you see yourself the way He sees you, so you can claim every gift the Father has for you.


Resources associated with EPIC Identity videos:

Stomping Out the Darkness

Neil Anderson and Dave Park


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2. Epic Freedom

Does it seem impossible to break destructive habits or addictions in your life? Is your mind consumed with fears, anger or unforgiveness? Satan wants to keep us in bondage, but Jesus came to set us free. The battle for your freedom has already been won; it’s time to claim your victory. EPIC Freedom will help you overcome temptation, accusation, and deception and win the battle for the mind.


Resources associated with EPIC Freedom videos:

EPIC Encounter Workbook

The Bondage Breaker

Youth Edition

Neil Anderson and Dave Park

3. Epic Journey

The EPIC Journey is inspired by The Lord’s Prayer to help you:

● Personally connect with God

● Close any doors opened to the enemy

● Resolve spiritual conflict

● destroy lies and claim your freedom in Christ. 


This EPIC Journey will help you put in to practice what you have learned in EPIC Identity and Freedom. This training will also equip you to help others and share the message of freedom.


Resources associated with EPIC Journey videos:

EPIC Journey Workbooks



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Learn how to help others experience true freedom in Christ - EPIC Leader Videos

To learn more about the scriptural and philosophical foundations of freedom ministry and identity based spiritual formation, and how to integrate these into the ministry of your church, personal ministry or organization, watch our EPIC Leader videos - click here.

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